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  • Representative Director
  • Ryotaro Ejima
  • Sentro Management Services Sdn. Bhd.

We, at M&M Arc Sdn Bhd., Ltd are aware of the importance of providing Retal office services business that contributes to the growth of society by flexibly connecting people and organizations. we consider the protection and management of privacy /personal information of the executive officers and employees/contracted employees,etc. of customers and our group (hereinafter generally referred to as “personalinformation”) as its most important issue in conducting business activities.

In addition to constructing a personal information protection management system,we have established the following personal information protection policies and is striving to implement them among all executive officers and employees/contracted employees, etc.

1. Basic Principles Related to Appropriate Acquisition, Usage,Provision, etc. of Personal Information
Acquisition, usage, and provision of personal information Before we acquire personal information directly, it clarifies the usage purpose of such information and obtains consent from the person. However, when the usage purpose is clear based on the conditions during acquisition, there may be cases where clarification of the usage purpose is omitted.
Personal information obtained byus is used and provided only within the scope of the usage purpose for which we have obtained consent beforehand.
In cases where personal information is to be used outside of the usage purpose for which we have obtained consent, M&M Arc Sdn Bhd. will obtain agreement from the said person, with the exception of the cases listed below.

  • When based on laws
  • When necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body, or property, or when necessary in order to promote the improvement of public health and sound fostering of children and it is difficult to obtain consent from the customer beforehand
  • When a national agency, local public body, or a party commissioned by such an agency or body cooperates to carry out actions based on laws, and seeking consent from the customer would interfere with such actions
2. Appropriate management of personal information
In order to protect the accuracy and safety of personal information, we are implementing measures such as control of access to personal information, limitations on the means by which personal information can be taken out, prevention of external unauthorized access, etc., and is establishing rational safety measures and corrective and preventive measures in technical and organizational aspects with regard to risks such as loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
3. Compliance with Laws and Company Rules
In carrying out business involving personal information, we comply with laws related to personal information, guidelines established by the national government, Personal Information Protection Management Systems (JIS Q 15001:Jul-2006/Revision Jul-2009 /Revision Jul-2010)requirements and industry guidelines, etc., and also takes thorough care in handling of personal information.
4. Continuous Reform of the Personal Information Protection Management
System We have allocated an administrator for each unit that handles personal information and is putting a personal information protection management system to practice.
In addition, we also strive to continuously reform the personal information protection management system using audit reports, etc. that are conducted periodically as a reference.
5. Respect of Personal Rights
We respect personal rights related to personal information and responds within a rational period and adequate scope in relation to requests to disclose, revise, erase, etc. personal information only upon confirming that the request was made by the said person. In addition, with regard to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, we have established a complaint/consultation window and responds to such issues with good faith.
Inquiries related to personal information protection
Complaint/Consultation Desk for Matters Related to Personal Information
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