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We provide support services for setting up a company in Malaysia.

All companies established in Malaysia are required to have a company secretary and application for the registration of a new company must be done by a qualified company secretary. We can provide speedy and dedicated incorporation service since we have well experienced in-house company secretaries and Japanese staff shall be your focal point.
Incorporation can be also completed in Japan without traveling to Malaysia.

Please refer here for our company secretary service.

Incorporation Support Fee:5,000

Items included in the fee

  • Processing and submission of the articles of an association and statutory documents to a registry office

Items not included in the fee

  • Registration fee (according to the capital of the company)
  • Name search and approval letter to use name
  • Issue of share certificate
  • Stamp Tax


  • Confirm the requirements for incorporation
  • Application for name registration for incorporation
  • Processing of incorporation documents
  • Submission of each document to a registry office in Malaysia

Time and documents required for incorporation

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks

Requirements for incorporation

Minimum capital requirement
Incorporation is possible with minimum capital of RM1, but capital need to be raised to the prescribed amount when you apply for Employment Pass or for some industries where specific license is required.
Minimum one shareholder
There is no requirement for nationality and residency. Shareholder can be Japanese who reside in Japan. If it is an institutional stockholder, minimum one person is approved.
Minimum one director who is ordinarily resident in Malaysia
The director shall have their principal or only place of residence within Malaysia. Please consult with us in case you are not able to find the applicable person. We provide name-lending service.
Your proposed company name
You are required to obtain approval for the proposed company name by making application to a registry office. It would be smooth if you could give us three proposed names by giving priority to them since application may be declined in some cases.
Please refer here for the rules of company names
Nature of business
Nature of business for the company concerned has to be determined. This can be changed afterwards.

Opening a corporate bank account

Open a corporate bank account

After registration is finished, we will assist you to open a corporate bank account.

Steps to open a corporate bank account

Prepare a bank account application form and company’s stamp
All sorts of registration documents and copies of passport are required along with the prescribed documents by bank, and CTC (Certified True Copy: CTC) is required on all the documents. We shall prepare company’s stamp and all the documents except for prescribed documents by bank for you.
Prepare board resolution
We will ask you to sign the specified resolution prepared by us. Currency and signing officials for a corporate bank account need to be determined in advance
Procedure at the branch office
Passports of all directors need to be certified at the bank.。
Completion of opening a corporate bank account
Deposit the minimum amount specified by bank after a corporate bank account is opened.

Time required for opening a corporate bank account

Approximately one week

Registration Fee

Registration fee is RM1000 regardless of capital amount since Authorized Share Capital was abolished by Companies Act, 2016.

Nominee Director

Name-lending fee for directors:500

※The above is the monthly fee for one name-lending.

Directors in Malaysia

Under the Malaysia’s Companies Act of 1965, minimum one nominee director who have the principal or only place of residence within Malaysia is required.

What is the name-lending service for directors?

We provide reliable name-lending service for the customers who are not able to meet the requirements of the above mentioned directors.In addition, we can prepare an Agreement to limit the authorities of directors so that clients have no risk. However, there may be some cases that we decline our service or charge you additional fee or some deposit since the responsibility of directors is significant under the Malaysia Companies Act even for directors in name only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local company secretary is necessary for incorporation. The required documents are Statutory Declaration of Compliance and passport copies of directors and shareholders. Statutory Declaration of Compliance shall be prepared by a company secretary. Incorporation can be completed remotely from Japan. The following matters need to be determined as well.
  • Capital Amount
  • Capital Structure (One shareholder is required for incorporation)
  • Minimum one director who is ordinarily resident in Malaysia
  • Your proposed company name
You are required to obtain approval for the proposed company name by making application to a registry office. It would be smooth if you could give us three proposed names by giving priority to them since application may be declined in some cases.
Minimum capital amount for incorporation is RM1. Capital increase is required depending on nature of business. We recommend you check the capital amount thoroughly in advance since capital amount is associated with Employment Pass in many cases. The following is some examples for the capital requirements. Restaurant business/retail/general trading/wholesale/consultancy – RM 1,000,000 IT – RM 500,000
Address for registration must be the office address. Generally, address for registration shall be the office address of a company secretary. However, care must be taken since definition of registered address is different from Japan. Generally, company secretary retains the statutory documents in Malaysia, and this address is to inform the government the storage location of statutory documents. Therefore, even though office is relocated, the registered address is not changed as long as company secretary is not changed.
Under the Company’s Act, 2016 issued on January 31, 2016, one Japanese person (one individual) can own 100% of shares. Of course, one corporation is not an issue.
The role of a company secretary is holding general shareholders meeting and board meeting, taking the minutes, processing the change of registered matters, and submitting statutory documents.Monthly charge of RM 300 incurs as the basic fee of a company secretary, and there is the additional charge based on volume of payables processed such as preparation of board resolution.
Minimum one director who is ordinarily resident in Malaysia is required. Local director shall be Malaysian or a foreigner who possess Employment Pass.
Under the previous Company Act, registration fee required depended on capital amount, however, under the Company Act, 2016, registration fee is RM1000 regardless of capital amount. The total fee for incorporation is RM6000 including our support fee and registration fee.
It normally takes 2 to 4 weeks.
Screening to open an account at local banks is getting strict these days, and there are some cases that application is declined when directors are only foreigners (especially foreigners who do not possess Employment Pass).
You can open a bank account relatively easy at Japanese banks in Malaysia if you already have transactions with them in Japan. Care must be taken for local banks as screening is strict as described in 10. Please consult with consultant companies in advance and check if they can support you and what kind of experiences they have.