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Business License

We can assist in business license application required for your business set up in Malaysia.

We can help you apply for the various business licenses required for your business set up in Malaysia. We specifically help you to apply for WRT license, Business License, and other Licenses for companies and promoters who plan to set up business in Malaysia. Please kindly contact us to know more about Malaysian Business Licenses for your new and existing companies in Malaysia.

WRT license application

WRT license (WRT: Wholesale, Retail and Trading) is required for all companies that are in the wholesale, retail, trading, and restaurant business.
MDTCC (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism) is responsible for that and the minimum paid up capital requirement is RM1 million. This license is required to apply for Employment Pass. However, you are exempted from acquiring this license if more than 50% of the total share is with local ownership.
*The conditions are subject to change without notice.